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Joshua Myrvaagnes

Yonkers, NY


About Me

I have been writing fiction, poetry, and plays for 17 years. I have a BA in English from Harvard and have written public relations articles for the Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, MA. I have studied and participated in many forms of communication: Theater of the Oppressed, Drama Therapy, Psychodrama, Community Building, and West African shamanic ritual. I have performed in public squares, at demonstrations, and in community organizations with Class Acts, a political theater troupe; founded and led a theater of the homeless in Boston based on the Los Angeles Poverty Department; helped found Ancestral Wisdom Bridge, a non-profit dedicated to teaching Dagara spiritual practice; and have worked on well drilling in rural Dano, Burkina Faso. I have taught literacy and math in East New York. I live in an intentional community in Yonkers, NY.

I never thought I’d be doing marketing, but I’ve realized that people with great gifts often are unable to deliver them because their marketing copy is uninspired, bland, and stifling, and not specific enough about the valuable things they offer. These people are not really happy with it, and neither is their bottom line. It’s a missed opportunity for poetry and creativity and specificity, and I am moved to take that opportunity!

Question: Do you really believe it is possible to make a living without compromising your integrity, or is this another mirage of capitalism?  

Answer: I do feel in my gut that there is a way, and I believe that depressive thinking in our culture often blinds us to seeing it--and I also must admit I don't know what that way is yet.  I am finding out one step at a time, and so far I have not felt any clear sense that I must comporomise my integrity to do this work.  If I do, I'll find other work.

People I Want to Thank 

I want to give thanks to a few people who've made my work possible:  Tad Hargrave, who has given pay-what-you-can help and dozens of free self-diagnostics, on-target book recommendations, massive inspiration, stories that have moved me to tears, and nothing short of a way for me to change my life--and much of this without my even having to ask for it.

People who've looked over my site and given me feedback:  Marcie Boyd, Lynne Goodman, Jami Garde, and Kythe Heller. 

People who've given me special encouragement, support, and hope that I can work in alignment with my gifts and keep my integrity--Karen Hirsch, my coach, Nancy Boyd, who put me in touch with her, the late Thomas J. Leonard, and others who are too numerous to name.

And of course the ancestors, elements, nature beings, and helper spirits without whom I'd get nowhere, for guidance, love, company, support, inspiration, and hope.