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Free and Inexpensive Resources


Advertising is a Violation of Boundaries: marketing without advertising -- an article I wrote for Inspiring Newsletter, which may be freely distrubuted and reprinted.

Say 2.901 Positive Things for Every Negative -article on scientific basis for holding a 3:1 ratio (or higher) of positive thoughts--Barbara Fredrickson's research is at -- worldwide spiritual support group for increasing integrity, prosperity, and growth. -- many free resources on his site. -- you may be one of these, and it may be your gift.

Inexpensive -- cheap domain names (what you need to begin putting up a website). -- some of his offerings are "pay what you can"!

Earn What You Deserve by Jerrold Mundis -- an extremely intelligent, well-written, grounded-in-reality, spiritual, inspiring and practical help to doing just that. And it starts off well by being inexpensive! –- inspiration and integrity, for healing the world.