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Joshua Myrvaagnes

Yonkers, NY



This questionnaire is divided into two parts.  See below for interpretation. 

Have you posted an ad on an “internet bulletin board” (such as more than 5 times without getting a single response from the post?

Have you had a business card for more than 6 months without getting a single paying client or customer who found out about you solely through your business card? (You'll have to look in your cpanel to find web traffic statistics for your site: go to and log in with your password. You should find something that allows you to see how many people are visiting your site per day and per month. If you're really confused, I'll walk you through it.)

Have you had a web site--or a page on a website (such as®)--with three or more visits a day, for 6 months or more without a paying customer or client coming to you solely through seeing your web site/page (that is, without a word-of-mouth referral)?


Does your product or service provide benefits that other competitors’ products or services do not provide? (if you're a holistic helalth practitioner, your competitors include conventional medicines both OTC and prescribed, and if you're a green business, they include non-green products.)

Do you strongly desire that your marketing be aligned with your business’s purpose, and would you decline a marketing method that was not aligned with it even if that method promised more money?

Is your business’s main goal to be of service more than to make money beyond need, and is it "green," or are you willing to take serious steps to get it “in the green”?

If you answer YES to any of the top three questions, and if you answered YES to all the bottom three, then it’s 90% likely that I can help you get 3 - 7-fold increase in your revenue; if you answered NO to the top three I can still very likely increase your gains substantially--but I'll need to actually see your website in its present form to make a determination. 

And if you answered NO to any of the bottom three, I would suggest  doing a visioning exercise; I can provide an exercise, and there are plenty out there too.  Feeling unable to think purely from the perspective of service is a sign that connecting with vision is necessary.