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Joshua Myrvaagnes
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917.648.3993 * Yonkers, NY


I let you know the cost and the time commitment required; estimates may change in unusual circumstances.

Service:                                               Your Time:      Price:

Free 30" Initial Consultation                              30"       Free
Master Document -- Recommended           1 1/2 hrs.       $230
Coaching                 1 1/2 hrs. initial, 45" continuing       $200 initial, $100/hr
Newsletters                                           2 1/2 hrs.       $300 +
Whole Web Site                                            4 hrs.       $1000-$2000
Pay-When-You-Can Arrangements
Free Services

Free 30” initial consultation: 917.648.3993.  We'll find out if I'm a match for your needs. First you might want to email me for a free guide, "Five Questions to Ask When Picking the right Copywriter for Your Needs."  (You will not be added to any email list, unless you specifically ask.)

Master Document--Recommended--in-house "ad" that includes:

    --all the elements of selling your work

    --all the text you'll need to create any pages you want in your whole web site,

    --all the text you'll need to create and any ads you want to run 

    (you do the cutting and pasting): 

$230 and two hours of your time.

Additional hours at $65/hr.

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 Inspiring Newsletters

You have stories to share that would inspire your customers.  Every day at your office or in your practice something deeply meaningful happens, and by telling this story you can celebrate your customers’ gifts and achievements, let others know about the unique gift you bring, and create community at the same time.  You’ve probably seen uninspired newsletters from businesses—even the phone company’s doing it now.  But you don’t have to do it uninspired—you have an opportunity to bring your unique fingerprint into the world, and share beautiful words.

For a whole newsletter: $300 start-up cost; $100 for each issue
For a brief article: $50
For an Inspiring Consultation so you can know the best way for YOU to make a newsletter yourself: $200


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 Coaching --  Inspiring "Un-Coaching"

Do you feel energized by your vision but depleted by the implementation?

I did.  That's why I created Inspiring Coaching.

Instead of offering you answers--because you have your own answers--I offer you questions, ones that engage the intuitive mind and create a space where you can build a plan that fits your own soul.  And get energized in the process.  This approach is universally applicable, and the results are tangible: it brought one glass factory from the break-even point to 90% efficiency--at which it made $2,000,000 a month in profits--and also left people happy.  The analytical brain does not have any business leading your business--it can't distinguish between fact and fiction--so put your intuition back inthe driver's seat.

For more information, you can view a fuller description of Inspiring Un-Coaching.

You get up to 1 1/2 hours of my time in the initial session, which is $200, and 45" follow-up sessions at $100 each.  You use: 1 1/2 hours of your time, plus 45” a week optionally--and then save hours and maybe even years of your life.

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Whole web site: ask for an estimate.

Ballpark is $1000 - $2000.  But in many cases, you don't need a web site, what you need for the time being is a stop-gap, a page on a social networking site that has your information and some compelling description of the benefits of your product/service. For that I charge $100--and when your business grows then you can come back for a web site.  It's better not to rush having a web site, and often people who think they need it don't.

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Vision Statement: If you're just starting a project, and don't even know exactly what it is yet, you might want to co-create a vision statement, a summation of the essence of what you want to see come into being in the world.  I will help you to brianstorm your vision and capture it in words; I'll ask you to talk and will ask questions to hone in on the power in the center of the vision.  (I may even support you in taking the first steps in the process of bringing the vision into being.)  Two hours; cost negotiable--ask me for an estimate. 

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Pay When You Can:

I am willing to consider partial (up to %50) “pay when you can” arrangements—you would then write me one check for up to half of the payment at the time of service and write a second check post-dated for six months after. I am confident enough in the quality of my work that your cash flow will increase that I’m willing to wait until you’ve seen results.

**For most people this goes without saying, but just in case I'll say it: I expect you to be serious and to work as hard as I do on your marketing.  I expect you to provide me with measures of my marketing's impact on your bottom line.  I don't expect you to become a marketing genius, or to write a single word if it's not your style, but when we have a meeting and I do work for you under a pay-when-you-can arrangement, I have the expectation that you will use my work--or if you do not want to, to communicate with me why and work with me to figure out an alternative.    

I truly believe I am giving you something that would be valued at at least $250 an hour in some circles, and that could potentially be worth a lot more in its return on investment in your business--not to mention its spiritual impact in allowing you to carry out your purpose.  I choose to charge a fraction of what my services are probably worth-- rather than %100 of what it might possibly be worth in the best-case scenario--because I am here to be of service. In return, the thing I want most from my clients is commitment.  I see money all around my clients just waiting to climb into their lives, and I want passionately that this occur so they can continue to impact more people.

**I will check in with you six months after the project’s completion to see what results have come, in finances and in your happiness with your web site.

**I may negotiate payments for projects I think are really important and super-inspiring.

**If you don’t have a dime but are passionate about making change in the world please get in touch.  I'm happy to give you information about zero-dollars ways to make change or find prosperity with zero financial risk.  All I ask is that when you do have money you send me news of it and pay me what you feel my work was worth, or "pay it back" to Spirit as you feel moved to. I can recommend about a million good causes.  You can also find some free resources here.

I am located near New York City, NY.

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